Work Day 16th November 2019


The focus of the day was the reassembly of the Jamming Assessment (JA) aerial and the repainting of the In-Flight Reference (IFR) aerial. See the accompanying two photos, the JA aerial is awaiting the fitting of its glass fibre cover …

JA Aerial Reassembly wm.jpg

… and the IFR has received a coat of rubber sealing paint on its rubberised sheet of radiation absorption material (RAM).

IFR Aerial Repaint wm.jpg

Away from Cosford the refurbishing of fans from spare I/O rack trays is taking place. The fans are Papst (now ebmpapst) 4850n models, still available but expensive if all twelve in the I/O rack need replacing. It appears that the current fans are failing due to a lack of lubrication due to age! See the accompanying three photos, one showing the original condition of two fan blades the second showing one disassembled and the third the re assembled and tested fans after refurbishing.

4850 Fan Blades Original wm.jpg


4850 Fan 2 wm.jpg


4850 Fan 4 wm.jpg

The simulator was run and remains serviceable.

Pete H

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