Work Day 14th December 2019

No T86 work this week as Pete H was on his own.


A fan replacement was needed on the Argus fan tray, one of the original fans having an open circuit coil so ‘dead’ and not able to be refurbished. See the accompanying photo showing the fan tray being tested before going back in the Argus rack. Two fans are running, the two fans with white print on their hubs are original, the others being replacements over time.

The LCP simulator is serviceable again. The -50V fuse that had blown previously was replaced and the only other ‘fault’ found was a switch in the wrong position!

Our Argus 700 computer:

The CHARGE controller that caused a hiccup last week didn’t give any more problems tending to support the theory that condensation is our worst enemy.

Digital Input Chassis

Digital Output Chassis

Computer and I/O Racks

All now running correctly.