Work Day 4th January 2020

Back to work at Cosford after the Christmas/New Year break. There’s no heating in the hangar so painting on-site is on hold (apart from the internal cabin walls) until the weather improves but there are still plenty of other tasks to carry out.


The In Flight Reference (IFR) aerial’s waveguide assembly was refitted and apart from some paint touch up work it is now ready for refitting. A task that will wait until the rest of the aerial assembly has been repainted. The accompanying photo shows the refurbished IFR aerial.

IFR Aerial Re-assembly wm.jpg

I’m currently refurbishing the modulator box from the aerial assembly at home and managed to remove three of the four bellows to ‘do a good job’!

Bellows from Mod Box wm.jpg


Before running the simulator I inserted the repaired MP140 into the Argus 700. It needed a new crystal, due to corroded leads, and tested operation of the keyboards and tracker ball; all proved to be OK. On the spare MP140, which was removed to enable the test, its crystal is showing corrosion around the edge and has been taken back home for repair at before it goes U/S.

The intention was to remove all the cards from the Argus 700 due to the damp conditions in the hangar over the winter months. During a final check of the simulator it was noted that two power supplies in the console had constantly varying outputs. Changing these power supplies with spares will be a first task for the next visit to Cosford. The varying voltages did not affect the running of the simulator which is a bit of a puzzle.

Pete H

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