Work Day 15th February 2020

No work on the T86 this week.

Refurbished fan trays for the I/O rack have been refitted and individual filters fitted to fans on two trays. It has been necessary to fit fan filters as air, apart from the base of the I/O rack is pulled in from the cabin and as we work with the LCP doors open there is an ingress of dust.

Two accompanying photos shows a before and after of a tray fitted with filters.

I-O Fan Tray No Filters.jpg

I-O Fan Tray Filters Fitted.jpg

Further work was carried out on the internal walls of the LCP, priming of bare metal and the covering of racks ready for a repaint. See accompanying photo.

LCP Cabin Dust Covers 1.jpg

Work has started of refurbishing the LCP’s internal roof struts, there are eight in total. We have an additional five struts recovered from LCP 1006 which will ensure that we have a set of serviceable struts as some have corroded adjusting nuts, other sheared screws. There is also evidence of some rough treatment to the struts by a heavy hammer. See accompany photo of struts awaiting refurbishment.

LCP Cabin Struts 2.jpg