Work Day 22nd February 2020

T86. Yet more preparation work for repainting the pedestal and aerial assembly. The accompanying photo shows the top junction box primed and the side of the elevation gear box which has had lose paint removed to expose bare metal and the original paint colour. Note the circular access plates devoid of paint as it simply peeled off, probably due to the lack of an etch primer.T86 Ae Assembly Priming.jpg

LCP: As for the T86, a continuation of preparing the internal walls of the cabin for a repaint, it’s not a quick job! Besides the tedious rubbing down we will also remove the reflectors for the lights (now LCD tubes and not florescent) for restoration due to spots of corrosion and discolouration. One observation was the heating and cooling thermostats are replacements for the originals but don’t appear to be an ‘official’ mod. The accompanying photo shows the thermostats on a frame that is secured by two bottom bolts, the top of the thermostat frame is floating in free space!

LCP Thermostats.jpg

Away from Cosford some time was spent on testing second-hand power supplies to be used for bench testing boards etc. The usual problem of powering up circuits with old RIFA capacitors occurred, see accompanying photo.

RIFA Capacitor.jpg

Pete H

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