Work Day 15th August 2020

Hello all, at last we are back with work days having been able to get access to our equipment again. It was hot in the hangar but needs must!

The immediate task was to get on with finishing preparation of the inside walls of the LCP for painting. This included the roof braces and cleaning out the joins between the roof sections and the cabin walls. Two of the eight roof braces cannot be removed as the anchor points on one end roof section are not offset as they should be, the other end roof section is OK. See the accompanying photo showing the roof brace anchors with a brace still in position as the securing pin cannot be extracted. The same photo shows the brace anchors on the other roof section with the correct anchor point offset.

The roof braces are now ready for painting and corrosion treatment has been applied to the steel end fittings as seen in the accompanying photo. The steel adjusting nuts will not be repainted.

The two LCP thermostats and their frame have also been removed to enable that section of the cabin wall to be painted. These thermostats and frame do not appear to be originals as the frame is only attached by two bolts with the top of the frame ‘floating’. See accompanying photo.

A second photo shows why the thermostats needed to be removed! The extractor fan still works from the H & V switch on Z Rack.

Next week, or sooner, I’ll look at refurbishing the LCP roof light reflectors in situ. They are discoloured and pitted with corrosion, being steel.

Pete H

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