Work Day 22nd August 2020

It’s difficult to present ‘we have done some more painting’ as anything other than boring so for this blog I want to pick up on how thorough we are with the restoration work we are carrying out. Currently, we are repainting the internal LCP cabin walls and the roof bracing bars. The original paint has aged, has plenty of knocks and bumps, is engrained with dirt  and probably cigarette smoke as well from the early days. The LCP walls are being repainted in the original colour which is Cockpit Green (Eau De Nil).

The sleeves that fit over the roof bracing bars have taken a bashing (literally) over the years and show damage from what looks like club hammers used to knock them in to place. To refurbish we file off the damaged surface, rub down, prime bare metal and re paint. The accompanying photo shows six sleeves under restoration.

The set screws that lock the sleeves in position. See the accompanying photo that shows two of these screws, an original and one partly restored. The task here is to straighten any bent screws (the club hammer again), clean the threads with a ¼” UNC die, apply corrosion treatment and finally prime and top coat the knurled ends.

Refurbishing the LCP light switch. One option is to replace the metal cased switch with a current equivalent from B & Q but the obvious problem is that it would not look like the original, a design which is no longer available. Again it is rub down, treat the corrosion, prime and repaint, see the accompanying photo.

In the next blog I am hoping to show the same items but in their refurbished condition.

Pete H