Work Day 30th August 2020

Internal painting of the LCP continues and after all the preparation it’s time for a top coat Here is a clip from a training video to get an idea of what it looked like originally

The repaint is making a dramatic change to the inside of the LCP as the dirt encrusted and faded paint of 55 years ago is covered over with a fresh coat of cockpit green. This photo shows a repainted section of the LCP cabin.

One of many items we still have to resolve is replacement of light diffusers. There are two different types fitted and we would like to return to the original fit. Here is what they look like and are wondering if any of our followers has someone who could fold sheet acrylic (2mm opal or 3mm prismatic) to the right profile as spares appear to be unobtainable. Remember we have no income other than our own funds so a freebie would be preferred. They are 66cm long 13.7cm around the arc, 10.9cm along the chord and 3.6cm from the chord to the circumfrence.

LCP Light Diffusers

Pete H

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