Work Day 6th September 2020

The current repaint of the LCP cabin internal walls is taking time as two coats are needed due to the poor condition of the original paint. The accompanying photo showing the L Rack end of the LCP cabin

Six roof braces and fittings have now been returned to the hangar following refurbishment off site. See the accompanying photo. The photo includes the refurbished screws used with the roof braces, one screw was found to be chromed after it was paint stripped rather than painted. Is it Bloodhound’s equivalent of the Navy’s golden rivet (Google it)?

When the LCP was acquired it had two types of light diffuser fitted, two of the original opaque style and three replacements made from prismatic acrylic and two diffusers were missing. A task is in hand to fabricate new diffusers based on the original design and the first stage is to create a mould over which the diffuser material can be shaped, see the accompanying photo showing the mould made from one of the original diffusers prior to finishing. Next, it’s finding suitable diffuser material as near to the 1964 diffuser that can be found.

Pete H

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