Work Day 26th September 2020

Painting the internal cabin walls of the LCP is a bit like the Forth Bridge, it never ends! More touching up and painting large wall sections carried out. Painting is a slow process as manpower is restricted due to the current pandemic and it is at least a week between each coat. The accompanying photo shows the standard of finish being achieved on the cabin roof, the light diffuser is one of the two originals we have.

One objective with the LCP and T86 radar refurbishment is to eliminate corrosion, most of which resulted from poor storage conditions after withdrawal from service. It is not only the large items that became corroded, we also treat small items in out attention to detail, e.g. the face plates of the 13 Amp sockets in the LCP, the accompanying photo shows a refurbished socket re installed in the LCP. The original condition of the sockets is also shown.

Work has commenced off site on fabricating new acrylic light diffusers for the LCP. The commercial cost of moulding new diffusers for the quantity needed (seven) is prohibitive so  a ‘do it yourself’ approach is being attempted. First task is to create a mould and the accompanying photo shows the result, imperfections in the mould will be filled and smoothed.

Pete H

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