Work Day 3rd October 2020

After refurbishing the light fittings, switches and power outlets in the LCP
it was time to complete the refitting of these items and get the power back
on in the LCP. Two accompanying photos shows the light switch, not a major
item but once again it serves to illustrate what’s involved in the
restoration of the LCP. One photo shows the refurbished switch and cabin

The second photo, the condition of the same area in LCP 1008 at
Duxford before it was removed from display.

At the end of the day power was back on in the LCP and yet more
painting of cabin walls carried out.

Away from Cosford it was a return to power supply refurbishing. The plan is
to get all spare power supplies to a serviceable condition. We have been
fortunate to receive power supplies from donations but after being in
storage for many years these power supplies need their metalised paper X2
filter capacitors replaced. An accompanying photo illustrates what happens
if these capacitors are not replaced.

The power supplies in question are Farnell G Series and are 5V, 12V 15V or 24V models ranging from 120 Watts to 600 Watts. There are a total of fifteen of G Series power supplies in the LCP and an accompanying photo shows a bank of several power supplies in the computer rack.

Pete H