Work Day 17th October 2020

Painting the internal walls and roof of the LCP is now complete so work is now underway to get the LCP back to an operating state. Items are being refitted previously removed to allow painting of the cabin walls, or to be refurbished.

The shelving on top of the P racks is completed
The paint finish above the racks is a huge improvement on its original state:

Two accompanying photos show the frame for holding test equipment back in place and a cable duct cover replaced, this cover has been refurbished and repainted to treat a large corroded area.

Test Equipment Frame

Duct Cover

We have achieved a good match with the hammer-finish paint; better than had previously been achieved when in-service!

Minor repairs are still being carried out in the LCP and the accompanying photo shows the rectification of a problem where the original holes for self-tapping screws for a roof access panel had been stripped.

All dust covers have been removed from inside the LCP and a start made on cleaning before the simulator is tested, something planned in the next few weeks.

Pete H