Work Day 12th December 2020

Back in the hangar after the latest lockdown and the weather wise kindly good enough to have the hangar doors open!  It has been a frustrating year regarding the restoration work on the LCP and Type 86 radar with no work being carried out on the radar. Hopefully more progress will be made in 2021.

Various fittings an fixtures are still being reinstalled after the internal repaint of the LCP cabin, see the accompanying two photos of the test equipment and fire extinguisher which needed to be refitted to the cabin door. It is now very secure and it’ll prevent us kicking it over as often happened!

Test equipment refitted

Fire extinguisher refitted

Currently the main task is to get the simulator running again after a year out of action due to other restoration work and lockdowns but attempts to get the simulator running are being frustrated by further power supply failures when powering up. This week yet another metalised paper capacitor failed on a power supply in the computer rack filling the cabin with smoke, plus the main -24V DC supply failed completely.

RIFA capacitor fog!

Here we have the 24V and 50V DC supplies. The ‘no LED’ on the left hand supply (24V) indicates no output and it is not the fuse! A programme is now in place to replace all metalised paper capacitors over the next few months as there are over sixty of them!

Thw RIFA effect!

The FT81 has lost its vertical sync which it did regularly before warming up. Possibly only needs an adjustment but you have to take it out of L Rack just to do that!! I’ve now brought the spare FT81 home and will check it out and then replace the installed monitor, next week hopefully. We are glad to say that we not only have the in-use FT81 but fortunate to have two working spares.

At least the LCP is looking good especially as I gave the racks a quick clean to remove most of the white fungus bloom caused be the damp. The fungus likes engrained dirt and the affected areas are always the original hammered grey metal work. The dust created by the rub down before the internal repaint didn’t help either.

Pete H

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