Catch-Up – 14th May

From this coming Monday (17th) we have approval for up to three ‘bodies’ being present in the hangar at any one time.

Here are some unstaged photos of the LCP being resurrected following it’s sojourn of over a year as a result of lock downs and a repaint of the internal cabin walls when I was allowed in the hangar last summer/autumn.

Note the low level lighting, smart or what!

The simulator is still not booting fully, on pressing the Simulator button nothing happens due to the ‘Mode Change Not Allowed’ message. There is no known reason why this should happen now as we have the correct LED indications on the Digital Input cards. It appears that the Argus is not reading the relevant Input card state across the PeriBus. Trying to work out what’s going on while resisting card swapping is a slow process but with most of our spare cards in an unknown state that’s a risky option and can end up giving us more than one fault. All that said, the Argus is looking ‘solid’ (a technical description for reliable).

Starting with the Display Rack:

The Computer Rack

And L Rack showing off the low-level lighting and the FT81

Pete H

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