Work Days 22nd & 23rd May 2021

It was good to be able to have company with Pete M joining me for both days this weekend.

This enabled a start to be made on painting the T86 aerials. Time consuming but good progress made. Two photos below show the work being undertaken in applying a top coat, a bit more priming and also the repainting of the inside of the pedestal with ‘red lead’, it might be called that but I doubt if there any lead in it these days. Not much to report on the act of painting only that the difference in appearance is quite marked.

A reminder; this was the state of the T86 when we acquired it.

As there were two of us we also refitted the LCP roof struts. All eight struts refitted, some were easy to fit some not so. We have a complete ‘good’ set of roof struts in that all are adjustable and not seized and all have straight thumb screws for holding the safety sleeves in place. It was only possible to install a complete set of serviceable struts after retrieving some from the derelict LCP (1006) on the North Luffenham airfield to make one good set.

Tested the spare display console relay units CRU1 and CRU2 in the LCP and both declared serviceable after being repaired last week. These two relay units are both ex 1006. The relay units control lamps on the top switch panel, sense switch positions, i.e. the Firing Circuits open and closed as well as sending -50V or 0V to the digital input cards. One puzzle to solve and that is the indicator lamps on CRU1 do not illuminate when relays are energised, they do when bench testing so a possible mod here as it looks like the 0V return is not connected to these lamps in the display console.

Gave the simulator a run and all OK for a while and then the Technical Supervisors monitor lost its Vertical Hold which came and went a couple of
times before failing so possibly a connector or dry joint. No option but to remove the monitor and it now sits in front of the display console on a wooden crate but still connected in readiness for a bit of fault finding on the next visit. The monitors are very heavy so preferred not to remove it off site. If this monitor remains a problem after the next visit then our spare will replace it. Apart from that the simulator is running well and was tested out by our “manufacturer’s representative” running an engagement.

Pete H

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