Work Day 26th June 2021

On Site
Time today was spent on the T86 with cleaning, corrosion treatment and some painting. The plastic corrugated cable hoses on the aerial assembly have now been cleaned with sugar soap and rinsed. A task needed as dirt was filling up the corrugations in places!

An inspection/alignment cover was removed in the base of the pedestal and the accompanying photo shows an exposed gear wheel covered in a granular form of corrosion (rusticles?).

The granules can be scrapped to loosen them and then vacuumed out carefully avoiding the oil bath. Only this one section of the gear wheel was visible but once the team are back on site the aerials will be moved to check and remove any further corrosion granules.

The base of the pedestal continues to be cleaned and red oxide painted.

Away from Cosford
We have an unserviceable CHARGE Pixel Store, a spare is available so the simulator is not affected. To fault find a Pixel Store a test rig is set up to use one using a serviceable CHARGE card to drive one display.

We do not have any test software or routines to test CHARGE cards so the approach is to set up the test rig and create a set of reference waveforms (screen shots from a USB driven scope) at key points in the card’s logic We then swap the U/S card and look for differences. This process is usually reiterated a few times but has been successful in fixing two Pixel Stores in the past. With a U/S Pixel Store fitted the monitor display has lines laid over the firmware display as seen below .

The firmware display appears in the LCP prior to the Bloodhound software booting and is generated by CHARGE, not the Argus 700 computer.

Pete H

One thought on “Work Day 26th June 2021”

  1. Very interesting , Mike. I wish the team well with removing the rusticles. Still much to do, and acting as its own learning curve.


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