Work Day 1st July 2021

The first job today was to make a skirt for the pedestal to stop the grot dropping in when we work on the aerials. I’d finished the internals of the pedestal with red oxide and don’t want it to get dirty! The ‘skirt’ is shown in below.

Most of the day was on corrosion treatment, preparing the clips for the
waveguide desiccators and the pedestal roof. The plan for the pedestal roof is to use body filler to fill the masses of small dimples on the cast iron work . A repaint will then give a smooth surface rather that allow water to settle in the dimples -should it be exposed to the weather again. I also removed some fittings from the aerial system to refurbish at home. The aerials are looking good but apologies for getting me in the shot !

Here is the state of the T86 aerials when we recovered it and after the first clean.

I plan to get organised on the T86 drawer handle sand other bits that need re-chrome plating this coming week; here they all are.

As you can see there are a lot of items to be done and this work doesn’t come cheap. Donations towards it being undertaken would be most welcome, thank you.

Pete H

3 thoughts on “Work Day 1st July 2021”

  1. I spent about 5 years on Thunderbird straight out of SEE on the No10 and later on the N011. I could relate a number of tales on my experiences however in relation to the Ae system, in the early 70s, the gunners hit a low bridge (not for the first time) destroying the tree guard Assy and bending the TX dish horns. Fascinatingly, when it was brought into action it still locked onto targets even though there was clear visible damage. I think we changed the dish later on return to camp.

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    1. Hi Stan, what a joy it is to hear someone ask that question, thank you very much indeed. Our details are.

      Lloyds Bank
      Acct Name: BMPG Limited
      Sort Code 30-18-83
      Acct No. 13392468

      Your kind offer means a great deal to us. Should we already know you? If not what is your Bloodhound connection please, and name of course?

      You can reach me direct on
      and Pete Harry, writer of the blogs and primary worker on

      Kind regards
      Mike Strange


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