Work Day 10th July 2021

Type 86 Radar:

As mentioned previously I’ve now actually started on filling the corrosion dimples on the cast iron work on the pedestal roof. A rub down of the filler (a chemical metal filler used for car body repairs) will proceed a repaint. The filling is being carried out in stages so will take a few weeks. Two photos here show before and after filling.

Last week I applied corrosion treatment to the waveguide desiccator securing clamps so this week they have been primed ready for a top coat. Photo below.

The waveguide desiccators have already been refurbished and are in a box ‘somewhere’ on site.

I have completed the refurbishing of the noise tube covers (photo beolw) from the RF assembly. The colour is Dark Admiralty Grey. The original paint was badly faded due to exposure to the weather when the T86 was ‘stored’ by the RAF Museum with the RF receiver cover removed!

Corrosion on transformers in the RF receiver, treated last week, have now been painted.

Here is another photo of the Aerial Assembly as restoration progresses.

Launch Control Post:

All the hex button head rack screws on the computer and I/O racks in the LCP have been replaced with slotted screws. The hex button headed screws were affected to varying degrees by corrosion. Photo below of new rack screws.

The original Harrison X150 audio amplifier is looking decidedly tatty so has been removed. A spare, which hasn’t suffered from surface carrion, will be fitted on the next work day.

Off Site:

The CHARGE Pixel Store recently repaired still had an unserviceable AVX capacitor; indicated by a low resistance of a few ohms between +5V and 0V . The only way to resolve the fault was to unsolder each AVX capacitor in turn and check its resistance. I had high hopes that this trial and error approach would find the defective capacitor without having to desolder them all, unfortunately the fault went down to the last capacitor checked!

Pete H

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