Workday 21st August 2021


Our main focus for the day was the replacement of the three ‘on-launch’ waveguide horns at the corners of the T86 cabin. When our T86 was recovered these were missing, literally snapped off the cabin walls shearing the securing bolts and waveguide sections feeding the horns. This was probably down to the attention of metal thieves many years ago before the radar came into our care. Fortunately we were able to recover three replacement waveguide horns from a derelict T86 on the North Luffenham airfield and these are now being fitted. Dave and Pete’s task was to restore the mounting bolt holes for the horns and deal with the sheared studs and twisted waveguide ends.

Mounting and waveguide connection.
Initial fit of one of the horns

This restoration task is work-in-progress. To enable the restoration of mounting holes a repair kit has been created as shown here.

The T86 aerial assembly was tilted back to enable further access for painting. Note. Several assemblies from the aerial system have been removed and restored ready to be refitted.


It can be confirmed that the display fault is due to a U/S monitor. A spare will be taken to Cosford this coming Saturday and if time allows some fault finding will be carried out.

Pete H

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