Work Day 11th September 2021


Finished hand crafting the temporary pedestal roof covers to use when working on the aerial system once the roof is painted.

Top coated the pedestal roof with NATO Green. If the T86 was repainted before its end of service life it would have been NATO Green, I assume. The pedestal roof will receive two coats of NATO Green and the black for supports and the base of the actual pedestal. See photo below.

Away from Cosford restoration of removed fittings continues. The latest items to be restored are the two viewing windows for the course and fine elevation synchro dials.


A job that been on the ‘to do’ list for a while is to remove the duct cover that is below the test equipment holders on the wall in front of M Rack. The cover is secured by screws which are rusted in. The last screw was drilled out yesterday and the cover removed.

Quite a few hidden treasures found as below

A good clean was carried out and new securing screws will be fitted which will involve the re tapping of holes.

The telecoms box fitted to the test equipment rack has been refurbished and will be refitted once the duct cover is replaced. The ‘box’ is brown and has been resprayed brown but not in the original shade. Near enough will do in this case.

The spare monitor is now in the LCP and will replace the U/S monitor when lifting power is available.

Away from Cosford the refurbishing of fittings continues. And returned to the LCP are the securing plates for the leather straps that secure the canvas roof awning, new leather straps and the securing plates for the canvas covers over the roof joins.

Pete H

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