Work Day 7th May 2022


A few jobs were carried out before venturing under the chassis again including prepping the two rear jacks. The photo below shows the rear  axle and what we are faced with.

The metal surround of the cable outlet on the rear of the cabin had been fibre glassed previously, it was badly corroded and impossible to replace. As can be seen now it is smoothed with filler and is ready for sanding and painting. See accompanying photo.

Visible in the photo are the support frames for the Ward Leonards, the supports are sound unlike other T86’s in museums where they tend to be badly corroded.


Both patches on the LCP cabin have now been primed. A small strip is still required where the patches join. See accompanying photo.

The simulator was given a run but the 5V power supply for the analogue box on the I/O rack had failed and has been replaced by a spare.

The simulator initiated but also failed to run with a ‘Mode change not allowed’ message. Something we are familiar with and often down to a switch in the wrong position and at worst a fault. We have some experience of this problem which can be isolated by some observation checks, e.g. the LEDs that are on or off in the Digital Input rack, PeriBus errors etc. Time didn’t allow for fault finding so this will be re visited next week.

Away from Cosford

A lot of work has gone into checking and converting donated CHARGE chassis and cards, Controllers and Pixel Stores. CHARGE Controllers have some components specific to particular display monitors; they are two EPROMs and a PAL devices. They required replacement devices programmed to the Bloodhound standard; something which has been successfully carried out.

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