Workdays 19th June to 9th July


19th June
Following a break due to the Cosford Air show it was back to the hangar for more work on the T86. A top coat was applied to the rear, underside, of the chassis which completes the visible sections of the radar’s chassis so the casual observer.

The underside will be comp[lately painted in time but effort now switches to installing the various assemblies on the aerial system previously removed for refurbishing.

2nd July
Preparation of the of the final (visible) section of the chassis under the door is completed and now ready for a top coat.

Note, the hand brake handle had been removed for better access.

9th July
The final section of visible chassis under the door received its top coat courtesy of Ian. Just the hand brake wheel left to paint. See accompanying photo.

The following photo shows the current working environment on the T86.


2nd July
The Simulator had a good run and remains serviceable. Efforts to create ‘How to give a demonstration’ notes to run an exercise floundered; previously written notes didn’t work. Another effort will be made next weekend.

9th July
As the restoration of the LCP nears completion it is time to create a ‘How to demonstrate an engagement’ guide, a process started a couple of weeks ago. The guide will enable anyone with limited knowledge of operating the Bloodhound engagement simulator to give demonstrations. See accompanying photo of Dave receiving instruction from Pete M as he follows the guide.

An opportunity was taken while the simulator was running to take this current photo of the computer racks.

Away from Cosford

A donated CHARGE chassis has now been re-engineered to provide a test box to fault find Pixel Stores and Controllers. The original chassis had four cooling fans and air flow relays to warn of a fan failure, a slight over kill for our testing needs. The chassis now has two fans but they provide direct air flow across a set of CHARGE cards. The reduced configuration should also help with the electric bill! See to accompanying photos of the new front panel and internal layout

Pete H

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