Work Day April 16

At the start of the day the simulator was run up – all OK and serviceable.
It was then getting on with the non-glamorous task of paint stripping the LCP. Most of the LCP paint had been removed previously but the tricky bits of the riveted lap joints and roof catches are now being attacked. The time is approaching when the underside of the T86 needs wire brushing – any volunteers?

Work Day April 9

Not much work was done on the previous two Saturdays as we had a man down with flue then visitors.

LCP status: as previously reported the LCP had gone U/S a few weeks back when a G6 60Amp PS failed and so did the spare when it was plugged in! Original PS now repaired and also the spare which has been soak tested. Cause of the failures were the usual RIFA capacitors in the spare and bead tantalum capacitors. All RIFA and bead tants replaced on these two PS’s. The spare G6 60A is back in the LCP. We are aware that we don’t have a spare G5 120A in the LCP but a couple need testing and the caps changed.

This Saturday the LCP was fired up and the simulator ran, no problems. Once the sim was given a run through it was switched off as the work on Saturday was focused on the LCP cabin. We made a start on paint stripping and cleaning the rivet lap joints and roof catches, the main panels were stripped last year. The plan is:
1. Remove all paint from the LCP cabin for a repaint this summer.
2. Prep the rear of the T86 Ae assembly for a repaint.
3. Wire brush the underside of the T86 chassis for a red lead and paint job – any volunteers for this one?

The objective is to get the LCP and T86 in a presentable condition as the expectation is that there will be an equipment move towards the end of the year.

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