Work Day 13th October 2018

T86 Radar
Following the refurbishment of all the chiller and air conditioner covers they were refitted to the cabin. A time consuming and not a straight forward task for Pete M and Pete J. The standard of work carried out on the covers can be seen in these two photos, first the chiller then the air conditioner.

T86 Chiller Covers Refit wm.jpg

T86 AC Covers Refit wm.jpg

Neil rewired the refurbished roof switch and replaced its cover so apart from anti slip tape being applied to the top of the roof switch that task is complete. This photo shows the roof switch in position behind the roof access ladder, complete with fitted Castel key.

T86 Roof Switch Refit wm.jpg

Neil also tested the functionality of the roof switch as it is an integral part of aerial brake operation. Here a photo shows the front cabin wall after work was completed on the roof switch and the refitting of the air conditioner covers.

T86 Cabin Front wm.jpg

Some tasks are simply time consuming and a good example is painting of the new wooden decking for the  cabin roof. The decking had previously been primed so it was time for a top coat. Ian tackled this job and while he spent all day on it, it will take several more days of effort to complete. The top of the decking will receive an anti-slip coating. The decking is looking smart even though it is only partly painted so far.

T86 Decking wm.jpg

Trailer light brackets were refitted. The challenge here was to work out which were front and which were rear as they are different! A quick reference to original photos sorted that problem out and as can be seen they look the part now.

T86 Trailer Lights Bracket Refit wm.jpg

Another one of these ‘smaller’ tasks was the refitting of the disperser bars to two of the launcher stalk aerial illumination waveguide horns, again after refurbishment in the following photo.

T86 WG Horn Disperser wm.jpg

This is what the stalk aerial on the launcher looks like.

Stalk aerial wm.jpg

When possible fittings are removed for refurbishment off site. An example was Neil removing the securing clips for the RF receiver cover on the aerial system. Duly removed the clips will now be refurbished. An accompanying photo shows an example of what takes place off site, in this case the removal of corrosion from a trailer light lens fitting.

T86 Trailer Lamp Fittings wm.jpg

Launch Control Post
The simulator was run up without any problems but did start creating errors during use. Reseating and cleaning edge connectors on several Argus 700 cards did the trick. The environment in the hangar does not help condensation on all metal surfaces was severe this Saturday.



Work Day 6th October 2018

Saturday was spent refurbishing the front of the two air conditioning units on the T86 Radar cabin and giving their surrounds a second top coat followed by rubbing down and repainting before covers are refitted. Two accompanying images show the results. For the eagle-eyed who may have noticed that a seal is missing from the bottom air conditioner; it requires replacement and will be completed once new ¼ round seals are purchased.

T86 Cabin Refurb AC 1 wm.jpg


T86 Cabin Refurb AC 2 wm.jpg

Pete H.

CHARGE Pixel Store Repair

Having successfuly repaired faults on two Misubishi CRT monitors from LCP spares the  opportunity presented itself to have a go at fixing a CHARGE Pixel Store card that went U/S a month or so ago.

CHARGE stands for Compact High-resolution Advanced Raster Graphics Equipment. It is the system in the LCP that produces the graphics for the four displays.  It was devised and developed by Ferranti design engineer Peter Don-Duncan specifically for the Argus 700. Each of the four displays has a Controller card  (first below) and two Pixel Store cards (second below).

CHARGE Display Controller wm.jpg


CHARGE Pixel Store wm

We do have the circuit diagrams but no test specifications or special-to-type test equipment so with the density of the boards it is easy to understand why repair is approached with some trepidation.

Looking at the faulty display for this Pixel Store,which would have swapped out by substitution in the LCP, the symptom was recognised as being similar to a fault we had seen a year or so ago – doubling up on the video.

Pixel Store Fault wm.jpg

After creating a document with a suit of reference logic patterns using a serviceable Pixel Store comparison was made with the U/S card. The previous fault had been a 7483 4-bit adder so testing focussed in this area; lo and behold replacing  IC 107 it as another of the same device type.

Here you can see part of 3rd Line Servicing – part of Peter H’s conservatory; he already has a spare bedroom but while ‘the boss’ is away ….   The display now shows a solid test display (although the monitor linearity now needs setting up) with no doubling.
Pixel Store 3rd Line Test Rig wm.jpg

Back to mechanical stuff next week!

Work Day 29th September 2018

In the previous blog an image was included of two light brackets from the T86 cabin in ‘as removed’ condition. Saturday saw these brackets refurbished and painted along with other items including the three Launcher Illuminator waveguide horns; very pleasing to see things going back together.
T86 Cabin Fittings wm.jpg

After a refurbishment off site it was time to re fit the handle to the T86 roof access ladder as shown in the accompanying photos. A detail is included of the lifting bar on the handle that illustrates the work carried out, in this case the original steel wood screws (what was left of them) are replaced with brass screws and sealant is used to fill any gaps between the metal lifting bar and the wooden handle.

Roof Access Hand Rail Fitted wm.jpg

Roof Access Hand Rail 3 wm.jpg

Further painting of the T86 chassis was carried out at the base of the cabin walls. At least the cabin is starting to look the part again. The photo below also shows the LCP under its dust covers and the T86 aerial cage can be seen tucked away behind the cabin on the right.

T86 wm.jpg

Pete H