Work Day 30th June 2022

This week was just a short midweek day due to disruptive weekend roadworks hampering access to the usual route.


A top coat of paint was applied to the rear of the cabin chassis and jacks. See accompanying photo.

Note what appears to be two different colours. Both are matt NATO Green but the darker looking paint is resin based and more durable.


Time was spent running the Simulator including target engagement in order to write up a demonstration document.

This was also an opportunity to carry out some much needed tidying up and disposal of unwanted materials. Recycling included such things as the cable hatch covers we recovered from LCP 1006 at Luffenham (the box body with it’s door open to the elements).

It’s hatch covers were stripped of fittings to use on 1022 (our LCP) to replace missing originals. See below the source of some items and those that were extracted.

The photos below show the state we found 1006 in with virtually all of the simulator equipment missing and the contents of the other racks were in a very bad corroded state; sadly not worth trying to save. This included the meters seen on the left as all of the faces had been smashed in as seen in the last photograph.

Pete H and Mike S

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