Work Day 14th December 2019

No T86 work this week as Pete H was on his own.


A fan replacement was needed on the Argus fan tray, one of the original fans having an open circuit coil so ‘dead’ and not able to be refurbished. See the accompanying photo showing the fan tray being tested before going back in the Argus rack. Two fans are running, the two fans with white print on their hubs are original, the others being replacements over time.

The LCP simulator is serviceable again. The -50V fuse that had blown previously was replaced and the only other ‘fault’ found was a switch in the wrong position!

Our Argus 700 computer:

The CHARGE controller that caused a hiccup last week didn’t give any more problems tending to support the theory that condensation is our worst enemy.

Digital Input Chassis

Digital Output Chassis

Computer and I/O Racks

All now running correctly.

Memorial to LCP BF1006

Pete Harry has produced this memorial to Launch Control Post Ser No BF1006 that had lain derelict at RAF North Luffenham. He has this hanging on his office wall as a reminder that we couldn’t save them all but 1006 gave up enough parts to keep 1022 going.

The Digital Output cards 1006 held being an example as repairing the U/S card from last week would cost over £100 using original parts, but we now have a number of spares, thanks to 1006.

Pete had to re-ink the ID label for 1006 (with a proper indelible pen of course!) as the serial number and mod strikes were very faded.

Mike Strange

Work Day 7th December 2019

Our work environment is not heated and the roof leaks so painting is usually out of the question during the winter months except for the LCP and T86 cabin internals. Occasionally, as yesterday, restoration can be moved outside, a warmer and dryer place to work!

The accompanying photo shows the Jamming Assessment aerial being re assembled and the In Flight Reference aerial, the latter awaiting the painting of the waveguide horn and the levelling plate.


If you are familiar with the ‘Golden Rivet’ of naval folklore then the T86 has an equivalent, see accompanying photo. A T86 pedestal bolt cleaned as the result of a spare half hour.


Currently the LCP has several faults which look to have occurred at the same time!

I spent an hour or so working on the LCP before time ran out. It’s still U/S but this is where we are (not is any particular order):

  • The Mode Change Not Allowed is displayed on the monitors. I found that FS8 (-50V) in the console blows at switch on.
  • Before checking FS8 I pulled the Digital Output card that controls the 1 Second timing (slot 6) and found a burnt out resister but not anything to do with the 1 Sec timing. I’ve brought the card home for repair. Can’t see how this is anything to do with FS8 blowing but not definite about that until the wiring diagrams are checked.
  • On boot the FT81 showed a string of CHARGE errors, just like the good old days. Found the CHARGE controller (E.C.’s display) was not running. After a bit of elimination swapping and reseating plug in components the controller card is working again but now in the JA display slot.
  • Fuse blown in the Argus fan tray. Removed to find one fan not working. Dead fan removed and fuse replaced There is only one fan under the MP140 now but it’ll be OK until next week.

After a long period of the simulator running it is concerning that all the faults just happened to occur at the same time. Is it the cold and damp or a mains surge? Certainly the CHARGE cards have the cold and damp air blown over them which may explain the controller problem.

Taking a look at one of them this photo show shows a burnt out resister on a Digital Output card.

The cause has yet to be investigated as time ran out yesterday.

One benefit of the Argus based computer system design in the LCP is that all the input/output cards have standard DIN connectors so a standard Double Euro extension card can be used for card testing.

If anyone out there has some redundant Euro card spares that we can help give a home to, for making test rigs for off-line work, we would be most grateful if you were able to donate them.

Pete H

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