Seeking News of ‘Mick’ Thompson

We have been asked by Neil Thompson if anyone could offer knowledge of his late father Frederick Edward Sydney Thompson; nicknamed Mick.  He was probably an armourer working on Bloodhound in the 1950s, maybe early 60s; during his RAF service he served at Cottismore, Watisham, Germany and Jordan.

Neil’s daughter is researching their family history and, whilst he knows quite a bit about his parents, realised he didn’t know much about his Dad’s career and thought we might be able to help to fill a hole in his knowledge.

To assist with identification Neil sent me this photograph of his father taken in the 1960’s.

Frederick Edward Sydney 'Mick' Thompson.jpg

Please write to us in the first instance through our web site form at:

Thank you very much
Mike S

Work Day 21st September 2019

T86 – Three tasks carried out on the T86 cabin and aerial system; replacing corroded metal on the side of the pedestal roof, see accompanying photo.

T86 Repair to Pedesatl Roof Edge 3.jpg

Cleaning out the nooks and crannies on the aerial system in preparation for a repaint and also the preparation and corrosion treatment of the rear two wheel arches. Accompanying photos the underside of the aerial system, a sight often seen after an aerial elevation drive fault!

T86 Ae System Underside.jpg


T86 Pete J On Ae System.jpg

A lot of the restoration work is carried out off site and Saturday saw several items being refitted, both to the T86 and LCP. Electronic units in the T86 aerial assembly had suffered with faded paint and water ingress due to outer covers being removed exposing these units to the elements when the T86 was stored in the open. Repainting and seal renewal of the units took place off site, see accompanying photos of the repainted unit covers and a new seal being fitted.

T86 Repainted Ae Assembly Covers Repaint.jpg

T86 Seals on Units Replaced.jpg

A photo also shows a completely restored monitor unit, originally the casing for the meter was just corrosion with no paint remaining

T86 Refurbished Monitor Unit.jpg

A further photo shows the original condition of one of the units.

T86 Ae Ass Unit Water Ingress.jpg

The two spirit levels had been subjected to corrosion, tarnish, dirt and a few random coats of spray pain.  Following refurbishment the spirit levels were refitted; her is one of them:T86 Chassis Spirit Level Refurbished.jpg

The first of the trailer lights has also been refitted to the chassis, see the accompanying photo showing a front light above a reflector.

T86 Front Light and Reflector 1.jpg

The LCP also had the internal vent covers to the main and E.C. doors refitted. See accompanying photos, note the original dents in the main door are retained.

LCP Main Door Grill Refitted.jpg


LCP Main Door - Inside.jpg

LCP EC's Door - Inside.jpg

More red lead paint being applied to some covers by DaveT86 Dave Red Leading Covers.jpg

Pete H


Work Day 14th September 2019


Current restoration work is focused on the T86 but jobs do continue on the LCP. An example is the refitting of the internal main door handle in the LCP after refurbishing.

LCP Main Door Handle wm.jpg


Refurbishing and repainting the cable distribution box on the rear shelf of the T86 is almost complete. A job not without its challenges as there were problems with reusing the original captive nuts, these are riveted to the box with alloy rivets. These rivets had become corroded and have been removed. See two photos below showing the original rivets being drilled out and the lid of the distribution box refitted.T86 Dist Box 2 wm.jpg


T86 Dist Box wm.jpg

Two sections of severely wasted metal remain on the T86 cabin, one along the top of the outlet for the distribution cables on the rear wall of the cabin and the second is where two external power sockets exit the pedestal. To replace the wasted metal would mean a major rebuild and/or welding job, currently beyond our means. The photo below shows the wasted metal on the pedestal which awaits treating and building up with fibreglass.

T86 Pedestal Sockets Wasted Metal wm.jpg

Pete H

Work Day 17th September 2019

Work on preparing the T86 aerial system for a repaint progresses, this work includes the innards of the pedestal itself where the bearing brake and synchro’s are contained. During this work small components and fittings are removed for refurbishing off site, examples of this work are shown at the end of this blog. What has made the restoration work more time consuming on the ‘top end’ of the T86 is that it was stored in the open for many years with the RF receiver cover and a pedestal cover removed. Due to exposure to the elements the various sub-assemblies have suffered with faded paint on their covers. Two accompanying photos show a cover before and after a repaint.

T86 Rx Monitor A_2_3_4 Cover Orig & Ref.jpg

The cable supports under the Ward Leonards have been refitted. These are new supports as the originals were badly corroded. The cable sheaths (a metal braid) have also been repainted black, their original colour. In service the T86 would have been repainted several times with a ‘splash it all over’ with a spray gun approach so everything became green if it wasn’t originally. See accompanying photo.

T86 New Clamps WL Shelf wm.jpg

Small components from the LCP and T86 are removed to be refurbished off-site or replaced it they have deteriorated to a state where they cannot be refurbished. A case in point are the cabin reflectors for the T86 and LCP which have been remanufactured. The first four of twenty two reflectors have now been refitted. See the accompanying photos.

LCP New Reflectors wm.jpg

T86 New Reflectors 2 wm.jpg

Photos giving examples of components that have been removed and refurbished before refitting follow, these are the LCP door handle and parts belonging to the T86 chassis spirit levels.

LCP Door Handle - Cleaned wm.jpg


T86 Chassis Spirit Level Parts wm.jpg

Pete H


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