Work Day 23rd March 2019

Saturday saw the start of refabricating a Ward Leonard support bracket on the shelf on the rear of the T86 cabin. We are not able to use welding gear at our location so it is a case of riveting everything together. Two accompanying photos show the work in progress. The first one shows the rectangular section resting on the support bracket replacing the original antivibration mounts which were badly corroded and their rubber separators perished.

T86 WL New Support Bracket 1.jpg

T86 WL New Support Bracket 2.jpgIt is very unlikely the Ward Leonards will run again, hence the very rigid steel rectangular section!

Work commenced on preparing the internal walls for a repaint. The main problem is the heads of the many self-tapping screws securing hardboard sheets to the cabin frame. Corrosion means that the self-tappers cannot be removed so it is a case of wire brushing and treating each screw head before repainting.